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"I've owned a lot of rifles over the last 50 years.....everything from clunkers to Weatherbys. By far, the most accurate, smoothest working rifle I've ever owned is the .270 Tim built for me. It flat out shoots better than I can shoot it." 

Charlie Alsheimer.....Contributing Editor, Deer and Deer Hunting magazine

Host of Deer and Deer Hunting TV











Although I'd only been hunting with a "traditional" in-line muzzleloader for a few years, and I'd had some success with it, I was still frustrated with the lack of consistency and accuracy I was experiencing, which most hunters just chalk up to being "part of the fun of muzzleloaders.

I just knew there had to be another option out there, a better way of enjoying this exciting sport. From the moment I first saw one of Tim's custom smokeless muzzleloaders in an Iowa deer camp, I knew it was the answer to my muzzleloader problems, and that was before I'd even had the chance to fire one!

Now that I've actually had a chance to use it, I couldn't be happier. It turned out even better than I'd hoped. Tim was a pleasure to work with on the project, as he always took the time to answer all my questions, and had lots of good ideas on how to make the finished product exactly what I was looking for. I'm already planning the next project for Tim to build for me!

Don Sangster  Outdoor Writer  Ontario, Canada


















Can't tell you how much I love the .300 ultra mag. Gun is an absolute tac driver and this Canadian buck is the result. Tough shot at a difficult angle and that gun put the 180g triple shock right where I wanted! 164 inch 8 pt. 

Thanks Again, Tyson Hale


Thanks Tim of Smith's Custom Guns for building me this awesome muzzleloader. Because of you, I was able to harvest this awesome deer at 268 yards.

 I also now have the ability to harvest deer out to 500 yards, which will give me a better chance at that "buck of a lifetime". This gun will truly revolutionize the way people hunt with muzzleloaders.

Thanks again, Heath















 "I have had the good fortune to find Tim Smith of Smith's Custom Guns. He has built for me a long range rifle in 7MM STW that I have used for deer hunting in Canada since 2003. This rifle is an absolute "Tack Driver". I have shot single hole groups at 100 yards and excellent groups out to 500 yards with this gun. It's been said that to do a job correctly you need the right tools,well this custom STW is definitely the right tool for Canadian Whitetail hunting.
 This past year I had Tim make me a custom smokeless muzzleloader for hunting in Iowa. The custom .45 cal. has excellent accuracy and can extend your effective range out to 500 yards on a windless day. This past December I took a buck at 178 yards, and a doe at 192 yards minutes later. The rest of the deer never left the bean field as each shot was an instant kill. It was like a Buffalo Hunt of the great plains. The terminal performance of these smokeless .45 cal. muzzleloaders is something to behold.
 To summerize the service and quality of Tim's work is second to no one. I would highly recommend Smith's Custom Guns to any one wanting to take it to the limit in accuracy and quality in their shooting needs."

 Ted Forsberg















 Over the past 8 years I've been managing the Cabela's T.A.G.S. application service and booking North American big game hunts for Cabela's Outdoor Adventures. When I first started I knew I'd be doing a lot of North American big game hunting, so I made the wise decision to have a custom rifle built.  

 An even wiser decision than that was to have you build it. It has served me well these past 8 years. All I can say is “ THANK YOU“ you know exactly how to build a North American big game HUNTING rifle. Here are a few of the trophies I've taken with YOUR rifle.

 Eric Pawlak

 Cabela's T.A.G.S. Manager


























 I asked Tim to build me a lightweight, accurate, flat shooting rifle, that would hold up to the abuse of mountain hunting. After several Dall Sheep and Mountain Goat hunts, including some tough falls, my 7mm WSM still performs perfectly.

John Fullerton












Very pleased in every way with the work you did Tim. I have had a LOT of guns from a LOT of different gunsmiths and this job is one of, if not the best I have ever seen. Got the gun shooting after a couple trips to the range and getting the load dialed in and it is right where I hoped it would be! Pictures are from yesterdays trip to the range and the group is a 100 yard 5 shot group.

Thanks, Blake Whaley

















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